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  • payment methods digital contacltess - From  BNPL to RTP , The Year In Payments Ends On Digital-First Note

    “In 2021 and beyond, we don’t expect this trend to change,” Afterpay Co-CEO Nick Molnar told PYMNTS. “Young shoppers are increasingly wary of credit and loans with interest, fees and revolving debt as demonstrated by spending trends worldwide. The new way to pay with BNPL empowers shoppers to use their own money in a responsible and safe way. Financial wellness and budgeting is and will continue to be the way young people pay for things.”If there was a defining trend for payments in 2020, or a trend that gained the most traction compared to 2019, it was buy now, pay later (BNPL). For more information,visit:

  • Payer B2B payments 2021 predictions.001 - Top 3 predictions in payments for B2B ecommerce in 2021

    Stefan Backlund, CMO at Payer, shares his thoughts on what should the payments industry expect from 2021, making predictions on B2B payments development, automation, and BNPL in B2B We have just three weeks to conclude 2020 and the world will probably never look quite the same again after this year. It’s been a year of unspeakable losses for many families all over the world. Most of us have concerns over the future unknown. Social distancing is so far from the core of humanity. But distancing in business, at large meaning digital businesses, have been thriving in 2020. We have reached a tipping point where digitisation just keeps on spinning faster. Click for more info

  • 1470571465 1 0 - Tiaan Ayurvedic & Herbs partners with Smart Vision for selling its products on Amazon and Flipkart

    Tiaan Ayurvedic & Herbs has entered into a tie-up with Smart Vision for the online sale of its products on Amazon and Flipkart, thus entering the retail market segment to address consumer needs. Smart Vision is primarily in the business of distribution of various products online. They are registered as a dealer on Amazon and Flipkart to sell products on these E-commerce portals. They undertake active marketing and advertising campaigns on behalf of the sellers to ensure good product off-take on both Amazon and Flipkart. For more details,visit:

  • kroger - Kroger breaks into top 10 U.S. e-commerce companies

    “The pandemic has shifted consumer priorities,” said Cindy Liu, eMarketer senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence. “Kroger will benefit from two tailwinds this year: Eating at home continues to be in favor among Americans, and there’s been greater interest by consumers in ordering groceries online. With these two forces at play, we shouldn’t be surprised by Kroger’s strong growth this year.”According to eMarketer, Kroger’s early digital investments have also helped the brand — and left the company prepared it for what the year had in store. For more details,visit:

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