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    Despite the factors that are seamlessly changing our lifestyle in this digital world, people will always continue to shop. Based on research by Statista, the volume of online sales constantly grows which shows that more and more people prefer shopping online. This generation of buyers has increasingly lucrative options available and they want to explore something new every time. Time and effort-saving e-commerce applications will become a favorite tool for most people. Most of the online business owners strive hard to offer their customers, a stunning user experience that increases the conversion chance. So, if you want to create a compelling mobile app design for e-commerce, you must know where to start and how to make it right. Creating an excellent user experience for your online store is all about keeping it as simple as it is. Generally, developing and designing mobile apps for eCommerce businesses has its tricks were having an intuitive interface and catchy design are highly invaluable for any eCommerce app. Role of design for e-commerce Mobile Applications User experience is considered to be the most important aspect that helps the eCommerce business to sustain and be successful in the competitive environment. A simple and fast interface makes it a grand success and brings huge business. Having a well designed thought-out logic and transitions, clear microinteractions, fast feedback from the system, attractive product presentation, easy payment flow can directly influence customer engagement and business revenue. To make this happen, designers and business experts should work as one team and be on the same page. Here are a few factors that the designers should consider: Branding and Identity management Simplified user operations Security and Protection of User Data Effective handling of visual elements Clear and neat data presentation An intuitive design that keeps the user engaged Nowadays, mobile applications are dominating the market, acquiring considerable clients and growing profits. If you explore the reasons for their success, the User experience will be the most important factor. 46% of people say they would not purchase from a brand again if they had an interruptive mobile experience. What does it mean? It means that you should focus on understanding, evaluating your customer’s needs and offering them a handy mobile commerce solution that keeps them engaged with your business. Confused? Let me share 5 tips that could help you in offering a more intuitive mobile shopping experience to your customers. 1. Create a customer-centric search The search experience that you offer to your customers has the potential to make or break online sales. Surprisingly, a recent report states that more than 40 percent of customers turn to intelligent assistants before they make a purchase decision. Here are some examples where eCommerce businesses can implement to create a customer-centric search: Voice search Having an intelligent voice search is an incredible opportunity for eCommerce businesses to stand out from competitors and enhance their UX. Voice recognition technology is becoming more accurate and its popularity will continue to grow which makes your customers more comfortable to get better results. Leveraging Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence for Preference-based Search Engine Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence make mobile platforms more user-friendly, improves customer experience and aids in building consistent omnichannel experiences. ML / AI helps you classify and structure your customers, provide them with the most relevant and enticing content that could increase your sales revenue. 2. Manage Catalogue Wisely It is essential to simplify the product arrangement and it is one of the most important factors for boosting eCommerce sales. Within a three-tap, your app should allow your customers to arrive at the product they searched for. Here are some tips to make your customer’s journey simple: A simple click to land your customers to the product page Display a certain category of products at the homepage to make their purchase decision simple Add checkout on your product page. 3. Design for multiple holds You should understand that your customers will be mobile and if you want users to be able to purchase anytime and anywhere, you have to consider the facts about how they hold and use mobile phones. Designers should ensure that they have the layout elements in comfortable areas before they start their design process. In general, there are three patterns of how users hold their smartphones. Firstly, applying two hands – one is holding a device and the forefinger of the other navigates. Secondly, a one-handed hold where the user interacts with an app using a thumb and finally the third one is a mix of two previous ones. Making the design more intuitive and adjustable to these patterns helps to fasten the conversion rate. 4. Highlighting the Brand Elements Brand identity plays a big role in any business and it essential for any designer to handle these brand assets more intelligently. The basic brand assets that have to be highlighted include: Logo Mascots Color palette Custom font Representing these elements in the user interface of an app will increase the recognizability of your brand and app. 5. Swift Checkout Time is very critical for any business and modern users are extremely impatient where they expect a quick and secure checkout. If your app is taking time which is more than expected, they’ll abandon it and choose the one which is fast enough. It is advisable to collect customer data during the sign up itself where this helps to save the time they spend in the check out page. Also, having multiple payment gateways will help customers to make their own choice. It is evident that the mobile eCommerce market is growing exponentially and in case if you are planning to start your own online shopping business, you should ensure that you have a mobile app with stunning and intuitive user experience. Reach out to a professional eCommerce development company if required where they can help you with immersive app designs. Found this blog interesting? Please subscribe to my blog for future updates. About the Author Sakshi Sharma is working

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