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  • e commerce photo 1 150x150 - E-commerce Challenges: Social Media Role In Customer’s Purchase

    The more you know the consumer needs, the better you can target your after sales strategy! There is a chance to improve a better online experience for customers!

  • daria nepriakhina  XR5rkprHQU unsplash 150x150 - How To Win Customers With Click & Collect

    This infographic provides more useful statistics to critically analyse the business benefits of providing this service for your customers. 2Flow designed this graphic, How To Win Customers With Click & Collect, to assist business owners and organisations learn more about this strategic way to enhance their value proposition while targeting processes that can build further revenue.

  • proxyclick visitor management system l90zRbWvCoE unsplash 150x150 - How to make your e-commerce startup stand out in the crowd?

    Besides offering cutting-edge products, you have to come up with strategies that bring people further down the marketing funnel from the awareness stage to the buying stage. And the more you make the shopping experience at your store convenient and offer customer support, the more will people buy from your sore.

  • charles deluvio 4MRqV9gcUHQ unsplash 150x150 - Do Shopify Email Pop-ups Hurt or Help your Conversions?

    What do you usually do when seeing pop-ups? Apart from becoming a little bit annoyed, I bet you look for a button to close it. Are pop-ups really that terrible? Then why do so many e-commerce marketers keep using them on their websites?

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