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  • ecounsplash scaled - How To Start An E-Commerce Business In Dubai, UAE?

    Currently, the e-commerce sector is growing worldwide. It is facilitated by the widespread use of the Internet, the availability of gadgets for everyone, and continued developing international services. The E-commerce segment is gradually taking over traditional stores. It is mostly in the area of ​​electronic commerce, furniture, clothing, and household goods. Unlike regular stores, online stores are much cheaper, and at the same time, the customers are not limited to a region or a country. As for the UAE, the e-commerce business market is as profitable as the online market in other areas. The E-commerce sector has already exceeded $ 10 billion. Given that more than 90% of people now have access to the Internet, there is an excellent opportunity for further growth. Also, online trading and other types of businesses, with preferential tax treatment conditions operating in the free zone.   How To Start An E-Commerce Company in UAE? If you want to start up an e-commerce company in Dubai, you must go through several processes, starting from website development to acquire an e-commerce license approved. 1. Choosing the right type of company There are several options available here. You can register a limited liability company, branch of a foreign parent company, representative offices, and several other types of companies. Depending on your plan and potential access to other markets, one or the other option would be optimal. The standard type of business in Dubai is a limited company and its subsidiaries, as they have an essential set of advantages. Free zones are offering different conditions and preferences for companies that are listed here.  2. Company registration options There are various free trade zones in Dubai; besides, some of the other Emirates like Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, etc. Again, you should select a place where you can get a license.  Dubai offers two options, the first is the registration of companies in the free zone, and the second is the registration of companies outside the Freezone. Registering a company outside the Freezone is the right solution if you plan to do business in the region (to the company as there are no restrictions on the import and export of goods and there is no charge for import/export). However, unlike companies in the free zone, foreigners have to find a local partner that will hold a 51% stake.  The free zone is not allowed to trade outside the Freezone but at a lower cost. Thus, when choosing the place of registration, it is necessary to consider all these factors. 3. Registration of trade name of the company Selecting the name of an online store is an essential step for this name should be memorable. When you register, you’ll need to provide some alternatives if the name is already in use. 4. Choosing a physical office in Dubai Though an online store does not have a place, such as the classic store, there should be a legal address (office), as the Dubai authorities oblige e-commerce companies to have one. 5. License Agreement A Free Zone is a cost-effective option, at least in the early stages, and allow full ownership of 100% without local shareholders is required – Freezone Authority itself acts as a local sponsor you. Freezone companies are exempt from customs duties of goods imported from abroad, but these items should remain in the Freezone. However, the Free zone’s main limitation is that you are restricted to operating within the Freezone only – you can import and trade in the site only. Therefore if you want to sell products or services to companies and individuals in the UAE, you will need land use and land agents (which has a trade license mainland). These agents or local distributors will then distribute goods or services ashore. There are various Freezones in the UAE authorities now offering E-Commerce activity license with attractive offers – please ask a member of our team for more details about each Freezone’s options in the UAE. 6. Opening a bank account in the UAE Every company needs to open a bank account in Dubai, so you’ll need to open it. Local banks offer many good opportunities to open an account, including for offshore companies. What Are Some Key Factors To Consider While Starting an E-commerce Business in UAE? 1. On-demand point-of-sale: Your point-of-sale should help buyers involved with the e-commerce platform, browse and test products, and purchases at their convenience. Offer personal services such as wishlist stored and history to compare and reorder to consumers efficiently.  2. Integrated AI: With the retail sector, a key role is taken over by artificial intelligence; you can take advantage of AI tools to collect, study, and personalized shopping experience from start to finish. You are integrating the AI ​​to create an efficient way to analyze your browsing and shopping habits of consumers, which can identify and correct problems that could lead customers to drop off.  3. Payment flexibility and security: Accept multiple payment methods, ranging from credit card and digital wallet for cash and on-delivery payment. Make sure all secure online payment with encryption and set up an e-commerce platform on the VPN (a virtual private network) to prevent the threat of hackers.  4. Vendor shipping a few: Offer a variety of options to help meet customers’ needs in different phases of the buying process. For example, offer free shipping, which can take several days longer with faster shipping options to cater to tourists charge extra for those who want to keep and those who wish to purchase them faster.  5. E-commerce locally for UAE: Make sure your website has an Arabic version. Do not just translate your content, but goes beyond to provide a personal experience to speak Arabic, such as changing Arab sites’ orientation you go left to right. Offering local range in Arabic will be a crucial differentiator in the GCC market.  6. Sell-through several channels: Develop your online store to sell through the medium as much as possible, as its e-commerce platform, third-party market such

  • payment methods digital contacltess - From  BNPL to RTP , The Year In Payments Ends On Digital-First Note

    “In 2021 and beyond, we don’t expect this trend to change,” Afterpay Co-CEO Nick Molnar told PYMNTS. “Young shoppers are increasingly wary of credit and loans with interest, fees and revolving debt as demonstrated by spending trends worldwide. The new way to pay with BNPL empowers shoppers to use their own money in a responsible and safe way. Financial wellness and budgeting is and will continue to be the way young people pay for things.”If there was a defining trend for payments in 2020, or a trend that gained the most traction compared to 2019, it was buy now, pay later (BNPL). For more information,visit:

  • Payer B2B payments 2021 predictions.001 - Top 3 predictions in payments for B2B ecommerce in 2021

    Stefan Backlund, CMO at Payer, shares his thoughts on what should the payments industry expect from 2021, making predictions on B2B payments development, automation, and BNPL in B2B We have just three weeks to conclude 2020 and the world will probably never look quite the same again after this year. It’s been a year of unspeakable losses for many families all over the world. Most of us have concerns over the future unknown. Social distancing is so far from the core of humanity. But distancing in business, at large meaning digital businesses, have been thriving in 2020. We have reached a tipping point where digitisation just keeps on spinning faster. Click for more info

  • 1470571465 1 0 - Tiaan Ayurvedic & Herbs partners with Smart Vision for selling its products on Amazon and Flipkart

    Tiaan Ayurvedic & Herbs has entered into a tie-up with Smart Vision for the online sale of its products on Amazon and Flipkart, thus entering the retail market segment to address consumer needs. Smart Vision is primarily in the business of distribution of various products online. They are registered as a dealer on Amazon and Flipkart to sell products on these E-commerce portals. They undertake active marketing and advertising campaigns on behalf of the sellers to ensure good product off-take on both Amazon and Flipkart. For more details,visit:

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