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  • cardmapr pwxESDWRwDE unsplash scaled - MOBILE ECOMMERCE TRENDS FOR 2022

    Within few years, mobile ecommerce have made an huge impact in the market. This leads to it being considered as a separate sector of ecommerce. Mobile ecommerce has its own technology and features to provide the best for its users. With the new year , new trends and changes are expected in this industry. Here are few of them curated for you. Location based ads Multichannel Business Special branches for Customer Support Stepping up of New Industries Personalized Experiences With all these happening mobile ecommerce is going to gain more attention and momentum. To read more about this, Visit :


    The recently published Multi-Channel eCommerce Software market report, highlighting the production and consumption aspects, thoroughly explicates the workings of the ecommerce business sphere. Furthermore, a thorough evaluation of the competitive scenario utilizing techniques like Porter Five Forces analysis is included in the study. However, with the Covid-19 throwing businesses into a disarray, various new factors will come into play during the analysis period. Hence, the study advises the new paths that industry players should embark on in the upcoming years. This report helps the stakeholders and investors to identify opportunities and analyze risks. It creates a space for them to take right decisions accordingly. For detailed article, Read :  

  • mark konig Tl8mDaue II unsplash scaled - MILESTONE DAY FOR ECOMMERCE

    Singles’ Day, also known as “Double 11” is marked on 11 November. It is a Chinese unofficial holiday that is the highest spending e-commerce day in the world This celebration was started by e-commerce giant Alibaba in China in 2009, offering significant discounts to consumers. The rapid growth of Singles’ Day is indicative of the speed of e-commerce growth around the world, which has only accelerated since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as lockdowns and quarantine measures propelled consumers towards digital markets To read more, visit:

  • christian wiediger rymh7EZPqRs unsplash scaled - AMAZON REPORTS $111BN QUARTERLY SALES

    The American company Amazon has reported a quarterly  sales of $110.8 billion with a 15% growth. During the quarter ended on September 30, 2021, US e-commerce giant’s operating income dropped to $4.8 billion ($6.2 billion), while operating expenses totaled to $105.9 billion ($89.9 billion). By segment, sales from North America in Q3 FY21 rose 10 per cent to $65.5 billion ($59.4 billion), while international sales increased accelerated 16 per cent to $29.1 billion ($25.2 billion). For more detailed story, visit :

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