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  • dole777 EQSPI11rf68 unsplash scaled - BOOST YOUR ECOMMERCE USING SOCIAL MEDIA

    Whether you use a single platform for your business or have multiple sources, social media is one of the best places to advertise products and services. Your social media presence is more important for conversion. It’s a place to build brand awareness and improve the relationship with your customers. USE CONTENT FROM CUSTOMERS OR USER-GENERATED CONTENT : User-generated content can serve as a testimonial or review of your product. When other people see it, they would want to purchase from you. CREATE VIDEO CONTENT : About 84% of consumers buy a product after watching a video. Therefore, create product or service-related videos to increase the conversion rate. TEST YOUR SOCIAL POSTS : Use social media analytical tools or social media monitoring software to get an overview of all your social media accounts. Use the numbers to determine what content is paying off. SELL ON SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTLY : Social media is becoming more than a platform for socializing. It’s turning into a shopping platform today. Customers may check out immediately from social media posts with social commerce, saving time for both the consumer and your conversion marketing efforts. To Read More , Visit :

  • stephen dawson qwtCeJ5cLYs unsplash scaled - Top Ecommerce SEO Trends

    Staying on top of the latest SEO trends will help online entrepreneurs build an effective strategy, meet the requirements that Google uses to rank websites, and consequently, make more sales. TREND #1: VOICE SEARCH & FEATURED SNIPPETS: FROM TYPING TO TALKING : This trend is already affecting SEO by changing the way people search, as well as how they get the results. TREND #2: ADDING VIDEO TO PRODUCT PAGES : A video is a powerful form of content that makes a significant contribution to the SEO strategy. Video is considered to be evidence of quality content and sends signals to search engines regarding its rich media. TREND #3: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & SEO: A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN : Google leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze not only the content but the context of web pages. This provide more accurate organic search results. TREND #4: AUGMENTED REALITY : With the help of AR, your online business can engage the customers better, make the products stand out in search results, which leads to more traffic, social shares, and sales. TREND #5: LEVERAGING INFLUENCES TO BOOST SEO : There is a strong correlation between influencer marketing and SEO. Opting for this strategy will help business owners generate traffic, increase brand awareness, as well as amplify their content reach. To Read more, Visit :

  • startae team 36Aai16fubc unsplash scaled - Benefits of Ecommerce Demand Forecasting

    Ecommerce demand forecasting is the process of predicting and estimating the future demand of your business’ products or services and, ultimately, sales. Using demand forecasting in your ecommerce business allows you to benefit in several ways Strategized Pricing and Sales : You have total control over your pricing and the strategies you use to determine it, so keep in mind that prices are never fixed. Ecommerce demand forecasting helps you see where there’s opportunity for improvements here. Fulfilled Customer Demand : Customer data is truly invaluable to any business. Traffic and purchase details are vital to informing how you launch campaigns, conduct email marketing, advertise and manage your inventory. Reduced Risk : When you’re growing an ecommerce business, there’s always risk that comes with reward. The good news is that you can mitigate that risk with demand forecasting. For more information, Read :

  • AI eCommerce Content - AI AND ECOMMERCE CONTENT

    For eCommerce companies, finding ways to get an advantage over the competition is crucial. One powerful way to differentiate your eCommerce brand is by creating excellent content. So in this article, we will discuss ways to make your content more effective, fast, and easy leveraging the power of AI(Artificial Intelligence). CREATE RELATED PRODUCT SECTIONS : By putting related products in front of them when their “buying temperature” is still high, you can gain an extra sale. IMPLEMENT RETARGETING : Using retargeting, you can make your ads appear around the web on social media and other sites to visitors who have already been to your site or seen your ad using AI. IDENTIFYING HIGH PERFORMING CONTENT : Your content strategy should revolve around featuring the best and highest performing content for your brand. By using AI to empower your content creation, you can continue to emulate your best-performing content while still making it unique. FILL CONTENT GAPS : Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices is essential to your eCommerce company. Using AI for your keyword research means you can reverse engineer what your users are looking for and what brought them to your site in the first place. SPEED UP A/B TESTING : Every eCommerce company should be A/B testing because it is low-cost and allows you to see which marketing funnel will drive more conversions. Using AI-powered A/B testing can speed this process up, which typically takes a lot of time. EVALUATE SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT :  Creating great social media content should not be left to guessing. You need a strategy that revolves around data to see which content is driving the most traffic to your site. ANALYZE DATA ACROSS VARIOUS TOUCHPOINTS : In the modern marketing sales funnel, you will likely have customers interacting with your brand across various touchpoints. You can leverage AI to gather and analyze the content and then identify patterns. You can see which types of content are driving more conversions. Implement some of the examples above. By doing so, you can save your team’s time, increase conversions, and ultimately boost sales for your online commerce company. For detailed article, Read :

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